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Put real Blended Learning in action! ELT SKILLS provides the ideal solution for the English language learner to practice all language skills anywhere and anytime.


Blended Learning in action!

Specifically designed for students learning English as a foreign or second language, it is intended to be used in schools, universities, language and training centers worldwide as a blended learning supplement to any ELT course. E-learning used and endorsed by thousands of teachers and students. A true multi-platform system that works anywhere: Windows, MacOSX, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, Android, SmartTV.

Primary 1-6

6 levels for young learners early beginners to pre-intermediate

Beginners to Upper Intermediate

5 levels for teenagers and young adult - Additional B2 material for exam practice

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  • Integrated skills: Reading / Listening / Writing / Speaking / Grammar
  • Animations or videos with and without subtitles presenting the English language in real life situations
  • Carefully designed and graded activities
  • Online picture or photo dictionary with audio and examples of the word in use
  • Interactive Roleplay activities
  • Speaking activities and Accent Trainer for communication and pronunciation practice based on the latest Artificial Intelligence and cloud technologies
  • Topic related songs for primary levels
  • Illustrated grammar section with audio and examples of each grammatical item in use
  • Language Review following the Common European Framework of reference guidelines
  • Audio clips for extra practice on iPods and other MP3 players
  • Student’s Activity Book that is integrated into the program
  • Extra graded reading with audio and reading comprehension activities

Advantages for the students

  • Students can work anytime, anywhere
  • Students work at their own pace and can see their results immediately
  • Students can work without interruptions and distractions
  • Students gain greater self-confidence
  • Students learn self-reliance
  • The environment helps them to be extremely productive
  • Students have a more active role compared to the role they have in the classroom

Benefits for the institution

  • Expands the institution’s curriculum to include a new educational philosophy
  • Consolidates the English language teacher’s work
  • Helps institutions achieve a higher success rate in exams
  • Updates the institution’s educational methods to correspond with current market trends
  • Improves the institution’s image
  • Offers a value-added service to the students

Prepares for international exams


Support and services

Through all these years of working closely with schools, Binary Logic has developed the most effective educational and customer support services.

Teacher’s Resources

  • Detailed syllabus for each level
  • Teacher’s account with full access to all levels
  • Online placement test based on the CEFR levels
  • Teacher’s guide

Our know-how at your service

Our network of well-trained consultants provides all-year-round support to our business partners and customers all over the world.

Management Platform

Comprehensive assessment system

The ELT Skills solution aims at providing parents and teachers alike with feedback on the students’ performance anytime and anywhere. For this reason it provides a comprehensive Management Platform through which language teachers and supervisors can view and print detailed reports of the progress of the students and statistics comparing different classes or branches of schools.

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