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Our academic and editorial teams can discuss with you a complete customised solution for a Computing and ICT curriculum and resources in English or your native language.

We have developed textbooks and educational resources that are being used in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, USA, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Panama, Peru, Albania, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Malta, Montenegro (MoE edition), Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Serbia (MoE approved), Turkey, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Oman (MoE approved), Qatar (MoE edition), Saudi Arabia (MoE approved), Sudan, Syria, United Arab Emirates (MoE approved), Yemen, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan (MoE approved), Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Thailand. Until now, we have worked with resources in English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Ukrainian, Serbian, Montenegrin, Albanian, Romanian, Russian and Kazakh.

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