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Our academic and editorial teams can discuss with you a complete customised solution for a Computing and ICT curriculum and resources in English or your native language.

We have developed textbooks and educational resources that are being used in the USA, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico (DoE approved, used in state schools), Peru, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Panama, Paraguay, Ireland, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Albania, Greece, Montenegro (MoE edition for state schools), Serbia (MoE edition for state schools), Hungary, Cyprus, Malta, United Kingdom, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Sudan, Egypt, Tanzania, Botswana, Turkey, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Oman (MoE edition for state schools, MoE approved for bilingual schools), Qatar (MoE edition for state schools), Saudi Arabia (MoE edition for state schools, MoE approved for private schools), United Arab Emirates (MoE approved for private schools), Kazakhstan (MoE approved, used in state schools), Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, China, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan and Philippines. Until now, we have worked with resources in English, Spanish for Latin America, Modern Standard Arabic, Gulf Arabic, French, Ukrainian, Serbian, Montenegrin, Albanian, Romanian, Vietnamese, Russian and Kazakh.

Binary Logic's Digital Kids and Digital Teens constitute the first spiral Computing and ICT curriculum globally that takes care of all key 21st-century skills and real-life technology skills. The books and the relevant digital resources for students and teachers are a complete solution for all types of schools.

It is also the only complete K-12 curriculum that an independent international organisation has reviewed for its compliance with educational standards: ISTE – the International Society for Technology in Education. Check how we support a wide range of international standards.

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